Friday, September 4, 2009

Waldorf Dolls


My supplies have finally arrived! ITs absolutely gorgeous... ok ok so maybe i am a little excited at a very boring looking box with skin tone fabric in it but I cant believe I actually can start making my lovely little Waldorf Doll. Trouble is, now I dont want to start it! What if she doesnt turn out like the doll in my head?? What if its a whole heck harder than it seems to be?? And what if she turns out ( heaven forbid!) UGLY????

I started researching these little dolls after stumbling upon this website of Christinas : . OH. MY.GOSH. I wanted one.. bad. Trouble is, at $140 a doll (not including postage) I cant really justify having one just yet :). So, I thought I would try to make one myself. ( This thinking is what gets me into most of my crafty capers.. it can be very annoying!) Always up for a challenge, I started trying to find patterns or at least ideas on the internet. I came up with quite a few but these are the best:

contains a printable pattern

great photo instructions

contains photos and patterns

I also conversed a fair bit with a wonderful mum, Meike, in the Netherlands, who gave me heaps of advice in doing the hair ( hair and face seem to be the hardest parts)

Finally I found a website that sold a pattern for $10 and its perfect and had a really great tutorial with photos and online help:

And so armed with all this, I plan to make at least one doll, but hopefully three. And if they dont work out, I' m heading straight to Bamboletta :)

how cute are these little ones.. all found on Etsy. ( "blue" ( the boy doll) i really have my eye on ;)


  1. I would like to make a doll for my son as he is getting tubes put in his ears in the middle of April. Do you have any suggestions on where I can purchase quality material (wool and the "skin")? Thanks for the blog, your dolls turned out really lovely.

  2. You can purchase a kit from They cost around $40 but they are worth it. Quality materials and saves you a lot of hastle trying to find the stuff you need. Otherwise, you can buy wool batting on Amazon for pretty cheep (about $30) and use a white T-shirt died flesh color (mix tan and rose pink to reach the right shade for you, maybe brown if you want very dark skin) for the fabric you need. There is also a tutorial at another blog called (I think, perhaps doingwithout) that uses an old wool sweater for stuffing. They do take a few days to make and I highly recommend a kit the first time, you'll likely save money because it includes the yarn for the hair and everything.