Tuesday, September 22, 2009

tracing and cutting

Dont you just love find "love" in rice bubbles???

Today was a great day.. quiet and peaceful, Jared and I just "played". Duplo buildings, a huge train track, a little bit of cutting, none of my great collage activity ( what a surprise)... I didnt use the camera much today. Jared told me "no cheese mum" so I figured we'd have a day off from photos.But so as not to dissapoint, here is an activity from my facebook notes.. its a good one for older kids and for practising cutting skills!

I really wanted to encourage Jumeirah with her cutting skills as she gets really frustrated if it doesnt work the first time. So the beginning of the week saw us snipping at pieces of paper, which she told me was too easy but jared loved :) So I thought I would challenge her with this activity :) TRACING AND CUTTING first, trace around some circle shapes ( we used the top of the vegemite jar, a chinese bowl, and my sticky tape) onto different coloured cardboard ( I used my scrapping paper or light cardboard as its thicker than paper and easier to hold. paper tends to flop over when cutting making it tricky to cut straight. It costs about 50c to $1.00 a sheet at spotlight) .I started off the first circle as it can be tricky to work out where to start. She then proceeded to cut each circle out. Must say I was a bit impressed! I asked her if she had practised at preschool. she answered "No mum its just because I am 4 now" :) If you want to display this craft ( and it looks great when its done!) ask you child to place to circles in sizes getting smaller on another piece of cardboard. This is how it turns out!

How cool is that! I am yet to frame it but it will look great on the wall:)

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