Saturday, September 19, 2009

easy outdoor paint fun

YAY! Saturday :)

Today we started packing as we move in TWO weeks.. I am trying not to ponder it at all, hoping to just let it happen,, somehow.... I cant wait to be finally out of the rental game and into my own place WITH MY OWN CRAFT ROOM! oh yes you read it right :) When we were first looking to build, we had two different building companies competing for our love. One was great, but the other said to me " what do you want in a house?" and I replied " a space of my own". So he trotted away and came back with one of his house designs BUT he's somehow made me my own room. And my gosh will it be a busy little hive!

Today I was all for something easy. Turned off the box and its noise and sent them outside with a new paint I found called " sidewalk chalk paint" at The Crafty Crow (another great website). I made it using 1/2 a cup of cornflour and added water until it was a thick paint consistency, and added food colouring. Put it into containers with some brushes and we were good to go. Its a really nice paint, thick and creamy and dries like chalk. Best of all it washes off!

It was very popular and BOTH the big ones spent quite a lot of time working on sections of the brick work. Even Amahli had a go :)

So nice to sit back and watch them create on a lazy saturday morning.

what did you do today?

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