Friday, September 4, 2009

Fairy Bread Friday :)

Hooray! Its Fairy Bread Friday!

And today its raining ... I love the rain. Something about it makes me feel more energized and so today was a busy, fun day. Plus the sun came out in the afternoon so really, we had the best of both worlds!

This morning I set up the "what to do?" shelf. Traditionally its set up on a monday but this week as been a bit ho hum so we did it today... heres what it looks like:

Its got a variety of things to do: pretend play, drawing, books from the library, craft, puzzles.. This shelf will be going for the next week.

As I set to getting breakfast started, my two eldest decided to set up the city blocks. I LOVE these blocks.. I am always on the look out for toys that are open ended, meaning there isnt one way to play with it, things can be added to it, its something that sparks imagination and will last for years. This morning Jumeirah wanted to add people to it. (these people belong to me and are one of my favourite toys, I dont let them have them much cos i want to keep the, unchipped!) ( crazy I know)

From here, we went to collaging (jared stayed with the city blocks) and again, a great idea for allowing them to just explore and create whatever they like. There is no set way that collage is done or how its "supposed" to look at the end. It turned out great!
I have containers filled with all sorts of collage stuff and just refill them when I need to. Its a pretty cheap kinda craft but always looks effective.

This afternoon we had "fairy bread friday" with REAL fairy glitter ( the edible kind) and had such fun on the trampoline.....

All in all it was a great friday :) I love these days...

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