Monday, September 14, 2009


Hmmm Monday... Well I have done nothing more on Jareds quilt... ooppss... I was going to do more tonight and now I am procrastinating :)

Today was a really great day.. weather was just gorgeous, kids were content and happy... its these days my "job" is fun.

Thought I would post this really REALLY easy activity that I found for Jumeirah ( acutally Jared likes it too but he more just plays with the shapes than completing the activity) to do when shes " bored". It happens.. Im starting dinner, or arguing with Amahli, or doing the vacuuming/washing/dishwasher/general crappy mundane jobs that refuse to do themselves and I get "Mum, I'm so bored!" So I found her this.


Printable versions: ( we printed in black and white and coloured it in)

This is the puzzles

This is the solutions

We coloured ours in and then I laminated the shapes. I printed off the puzzles and solutions and laminated them back to back.

She then got to work, trying them out.. mostly she just copied the solutions but she did try a few.

They are a really good quiet activity that really allows them to work alone to solve the puzzles. I LOVE things like that :)

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