Saturday, September 5, 2009

thinking outside the box...

Sometimes the same old thing gets boring. I like to challenge my kids not only with what they are able to create with, but how they create with it.

Sometimes I need to think outside the box....
We've talked a fair bit lately about what it would be like if we didnt have hands, or feet, or bones.. and its lead to some funny ideas about how we would go about doing things.

"Without our feet, we would have to crawl! I could do that! But how would we write if we didnt have hands?"

How indeed :) ( insert lightbulb)

And so we took a tried and true, boring old brush painting and changed it. We had to come up with another way...

And so began out FOOT PAINTING... attempting to paint without using our hands. It was really quite alot of fun but very hard work! Toes were not cooperating to start with, but they soon got the hang of it :)

This is Jumeirahs face. It was also really interesting to watch her hands and brain argue with each other about how this should be done... brain wanted foot to do it, hands had other ideas :)
Jared was totally not keen ( dont think he would have had the foot control and would have got paint on his foot....they both hate getting paint on themselves! So NOT my children) but was more than amused at watching Jumeirah arguing with her foot at not holding the brush properly...

Hope you are out enjoying the sunshine too!!

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