Friday, September 25, 2009

number bean bag game

New Game drying in the sun :)

Wow its friday again!! And day two of "no daddy".. Tim is in Sydney for some swish "do" and a day of nothing to do.. he'll be home tomorrow... YAY. :)

Today I wanted to have a few things new planned, I knew it had the potential to feel like a really long day so I wanted it to be fun :) I also had set myself the challenge of packing up my kids craft cupboard. Yes it looks atrocious, but I know exactly where everything is. I am really quite amazed at the amount of stuff I have accumulated in the last two years... the collage shelf is just ridiculous!

So I started with Amahlis beloved posting box which I changed by adding Duplo to seeing as she loves the stuff, and it makes a great noise when you shake it! For Jumeirah I had printed off her name this morning and I wanted her to form the letters in her name. Shes been writing it for almost two years now but tends to write really fast and by the "h" at the end its sometimes hard to read. I wanted to refresh how the letters were supposed to look. She loved doing this, rolling each "Worm" to form a letter.
Smiley is added of her own doing.. So her.
Jared was happy helping me in the kitchen this morning, I let him serve his and the girls breakfast ( quite possibly my biggest mistake today, but boy, did he have fun making "rain") of rice bubbles. I think I 'll be finding them in all corners of the house, but only for another week!
Once Amahli was down to sleep, I got out some calico and told them we were going to make a new game. Now my kids love games....board games, made up games, silly games, if you say its a game they are in :)
So I found the idea at More Mom Time but needed to change it a bit as Jared isnt quite up to letters and I wanted to include him. So we went with numbers and colours. They helped to paint the numbers on and we let it dry and took a trip to the toy shop.

After lunch it was dry so we played!

The aim of the game is:

Throw your bean bag on the mat. Whatever number or colour it lands on is yours. If its a number, you have to find that amount of the same thing ( eg 4 pens, 2 cushions, 6 books etc) if its a colour you have to find something of that colour. We made it a race which was quite hilarious as Jared thought the whole game was just running like a madman around the house.
The mat hasnt quite been finished as somehow my yellow paint has gone AWOL and I want to back it as well. But for the moment, this was a big success:)

And look what else I managed to do :)

Super mum? Heck yes I am!! ( today :) )

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