Thursday, September 10, 2009

cushion of wonder

yeah, like I need a new project :) NOT

Currently I am still making my quilt, jareds quilt, and the dolls are still sitting there waiting to be made... BUT i found this yesterday.... OH MY. How Jumeirah would love this... and she's turning 5 in December and 5 is a very big number and you definitely need something special made for you when you turn 5... maybe I could do it??

Anyway, I found a whole heap of awesome kids toys and ideas through a new website ( another thing I REALLY didnt need) Though hunting around on it, Ifound this big cusiong....I have emailed the girl who makes these and hopefully she'll be able to point me right direction and maybe I could just buy one!!

But really, wheres the fun in that ;) ??

I am going to make some fairy glen creatures too... mushrooms, fairies..... oh I cant wait!

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