Friday, September 18, 2009

Stack and Slash part 2

THE QUILT! THE QUILT! Finally I get 5 seconds to finish the panels of Jareds stack and slash quilt. And I have to just say I LOVE IT. Its such a gorgeous thing and I know hes going to love it.

Here is where I left off.

Having slashed and sewn the fabric panels three times it should now look like this:

Ok now it starts to get interesting :)

The next slash is done horizontally.( my photo is turned so it looks like I am cutting vertically but you are cutting horizontally to the first three cuts)

Once cut, put the lower piece on the bottom of the pile and pin and stitch together all the layers (again)

Once ironed, you are ready for your final cut which is made using the same angle you have done for the vertical cuts.

Pin and stitch the layers.

YOURE DONE! panels are now complete. ( I only have 7 panels because I started with seven fat quarters. Jumeirah is creating something special on our eighth panel)

Now you can spend the next hour trying to work out how you want to place them :) You'll notice in my photo, you will have patterns running through the panels. I like to have them in a sort of order but feel free to assemble however you like.

Once I have actually put them together I will post yet more photos.

happy slashing!!

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