Thursday, September 17, 2009

twist on spice picture

Spice is nice but sugar is better!!

With the success of yesterdays spice pictures I wanted to do something similiar but slightly different. Having only Jared to do craft with today as Jumeirah is at preschool, I knew I had to plan it and make it look fantastic or the train set wins out. So heres what we did :)

I got a container and put in each section a different item from the pantry, Todays goodies were: Raspberry jelly crystals, milo, icing sugar and sugar stars. OH. MY. GOSH. I have never seen eyes so wide as TODAY I let him try them all! ( yesterday I wouldnt let him have the curry powder and he wasnt impressed) So after much "tasting" we finally got to painting. Didnt look as good but he had so much more fun doing this one.

Funny that.........

We also made some awesome red playdough and Jared made a birthday cake with candles. He even went racing off to find some matches to light them with :) Love a creative brain.

Have you tried something fun with your kids this week? Share it!


  1. We did this today! so much fun, we used tang, drinking chocolate, shredded coconut & brown sugar. Yes, a fair bit went into the mouths - especially the tang!

  2. oh i never thought of tang!! or coconut!!