Tuesday, September 29, 2009

body tracing/ watercolour in the window

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one. (Dr Seuss)

I love when the flow of a day is good. And boy, was today good :)

I have been worrying a bit lately about all things packingy, moving and trying to relocate 5 peoples worth of crap and stuff. Sometimes I feel like I am giving my kids the short end of the stick. Patience has also been a bit thin but I know once we move and get settle life will return to normal.
This morning I preparing for an even more hectic morning than the usual craziness that preschool mornings bring as I not only had to get us all out the door and Jumeirah to preschool, the bloody realestate wanted to bring new potential tenants through... meaning I had to clean the place up a bit too. I hate inspections!
So, stupidly, I went to bed last night at 12.30am (got stuck reading blogs) and had a mini panic when I heard Amahli start calling at 5am. I knew that today was going to be difficult enough as it was let along starting at 5am. So I went and told her that it was too early and that she needed to go back to sleep ( we have been in sleep training for a week now so she gets what I am talking about) and I left her. She yelled the place down for 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes... and then... it goes quiet. And the next thing its 7.20 and its still quiet :)
And so I breeze through breakfast, cleaned the house, children happy outside, mum is beaming.. 12 people and 6 children parade through my house, and all is still good. I get Jumeirah to preschool. I get home.
And so with Amahli back in bed its time for "Jared and me" time. The greatest thing about moving is that the removalists give you some great big boxes.. and the biggest lump of butchers paper!!
And so I set up two things for him.

Body tracing

This is a tried and true activity I used to do heaps at preschool.
I lay him down on some butchers paper ( which he wasnt keen about) and traced around is body. he wasnt sure i wasnt going to paint all over him so he was a bit nervous but when he got up he turned around and said " LOOK! Its Jared!" and began to decorate his shape. He drew his eyes and shorts, then told me to draw a "thomas" and he coloured it in. We stuck it up to show daddy but every time he walked past it he said " Hi Jared. whatcha doin?" ( you can also do this with chalk outside on the ground)

The second activity today was a painting one which I wasnt sure he was going to do. He hasnt been that into painting lately for fear of getting messy but thing one looked different so i thought that maybe he'd give it a go.

Watercolour painting on a window

I stuck a piece of butchers paper onto the big glass door and set him up with some watercolour paints ( food colouring). The great thing about this is when you paint on thinner paper with watercolour, it goes kind of transulcent and with the sun shining through it gives it a really bright effect, almost like a torch light being shone through it. Its really cool. He spent ages going "uuuuuuuupppp" and "dooooooown" as the paper was almost as tall as he is. he wasnt limited to sitting at a table which was definitely better for him :)

When Amahli got up I thought it was time for her first painting experience. I stuck a piece of butchers paper up for her and strapped her into her high chair. She needed no encouragement once I gave her a brush :) First, she played with the bristles ( being food colouring its totally safe for babies), then she began banging away at the paper. She even did some strokes up and down to. Such graet fun for this little one:)

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