Friday, September 11, 2009

A new take on an old craft

How did it get to Friday again?? Wasnt it only yesterday I did " fairy bread friday"? And yet my daughter was asking for it again today. I had to watch Playschool to make sure I had the day right;)

Today we did a craft that is well known and been around for years, Butterfly painting.

But instead of doing it on paper, to then recycle as wrapping paper because they are too pretty to throw out, I thought I would try it on calico. Once done, I am going to whip these into cushions for J's bed.

Same directions as normal butterfly painting:

Have two or three ( or more if you like!) containers of paint. (on paper it would be normal paint but on calico I used fabric paint so I can wash them if I need to)

In each container of paint, have a small spoon

Fold calico ( or paper) in half so you know where to put the paint

Spoon blobs of paint into centre of Calico ( or if you are like my kids, put it anywhere and hope for the best)

Try not to go too close to either top or bottom of the page or you'll end up with an explosion when you press it down folded!

Fold calico in half and press down firmly. Using finger smooth out the paint, on paper it spreads quite easily, calico didnt spread quite as far.

Open and marvel!!

Here are our butterflies: they turned out pretty good!

( except for mine which looks like strangely like a female body part of the fallopian/uterine variety...)

Tomorrow I will stitch them into pillows and post some pics :)


  1. maybe you can keep "your" one for when you have to have one of "those" talks one day haha