Sunday, September 20, 2009

daddy daughter date

I love Sundays... its a quieter kind of day.. normally the beach or something outdoorsy which my kids love... but I also love Sunday cos its Daddy Daughter Day.

This special time started when Amahli was internal, a time when Jumeirah could have some time just to herself with one of us. ( Soon Jared will have the same time, hopefully he will pick me!) Originally I wanted it with me, but it quickly changed to being daddy.. favourite that he is.. *sigh*. Anyway, these two go on some great adventures while Jared and Amahli are asleep. Normally its to the coffee shop, toy shop, book shop and even sometimes to the lolly shop. The last few weeks though, they have ventured on more exotic adventures and have gone on some great bushwalks. This has been a HUGE hit with both of them. Jumeirah spends the week planning and drawing maps, then finally Sunday arrives and she can barely wait until they go to bed to take her map and head out. :) ( she starts asking Jared at about 11am whether he is tired yet).

Its such a wonderful thing to see them bonding and spending time together.. creating a tie that will hopefully last a lifetime. Here are some photos that emerged throughout the week of their adventures together. The first is the map of where they went the second is them walking up to the light house.

But my favourite is the last one of the view on top of the mountain, looking out to sea over the rocks.
I love that she's used water colour to paint with.. the places they go look very peaceful :)

Maybe she'll take me one day..... :)

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