Friday, January 4, 2013

icecream/cake shop: sand play

For Christmas this year I made something for Amahli I knew she'd love.

We are often at the beach. The two bigs are ALWAYS in the water but littlest Miss likes to sand play too. I wanted to make her a beach set a little different from just the usual bucket and spade and so I started looking around for something different...

I came across some cheap icecream scoops in Spotlight and it kinda took off from there!

The kit contained : ( sorry I havent taken a photo of it un-sandy yet!)

three icecream scoops

one waffle cone

3 other style cones

and about 16 little patty pans... ( some flexible plastic from Go lo)

All three absolutely LOVE it. And late yesterday arvo when it was gloomy and overcast and no one wanted to swim, all of them sat together for over an hour creating a gourmet cake and icecream shop :)

not an overly expensive kit, but something so different we had half the kids at the beach wanting to play!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

3d drawings

Today I had a serious flush of mum goodness ( thinks its because all the cleaning was done yesterday!!! for the moment...) and all three wanted to do "Something!". I had found all over Pinterest a idea Ive wanted to try for awhile.. 3D hand drawings.

Simple enough idea, but something that looked cool as well.

Jared was happy to watch and pick colours, Amahli wanted to practise writing her name, so it was just me and Jumeirah.

Start by tracing your hand and wrist in pencil.
from one side to  the other, draw straight lines on the paper. If you come to part of your wrist or hand, draw an arc or rainbow as we called it.

continue up the hand. you then can add more colours into it.
Here is a better vision of an explanation on Pinterest ;)

Turned out pretty good!! We both did two each, finding that some textas were too thin to make it stand out properly, but a fun arty idea to do with an older child... or yourself :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

happy new year!!!

Happy New Year! my goodness didnt 2012 just race by?? Normally at the end of every year I think "Ive really seen enough of that year"this time around I feel like Ive barely written 2012 at all and now its gone!!

2013 is a year of big changes for me... none of which Im thrilled about as yet.

My eldest is now about the enter primary school.
My middle is about to start KINDERGARTEN ( Yikes)
And my baby is about to start preschool!! This I thought maybe Id wait awhile ( every body in my family  goes to preschool only the year before they go to school) but I CANT BECAUSE APPARENTLY SHES GOING TO SCHOOL NEXT YEAR!! help!!

So this year I will have two days with about 4 hours each to myself. And I have no idea what to do....

So Im trying to sit calmly, wait, and be patient. Cos this year is already faster than the last one...

As for this little blog... I dont know what I will do with it. Im currently in the process of sorting to be able to print it so Ill have it forever. I know  there wont be as many posts because I only have one child and I have her only 3 days a week and two of those days we are going to be out! But for now, Ill show you some things we do over the school holidays :)

simple today...

I made the cutest little tent for Amahli for Christmas after not being about to find her something "plastic" and not wanting to spend heaps on something that wouldnt get played with and today I set it up for them in her room :)

Id so spend hours in here... if only they would stop finding me ;)

Tent idea came from here.  I changed it a little bit and also added velcro along the bottom to hold the fabric in place. Think the whole thing cost me less that $20 and about an hour to make.

Simple easy fun :)