Saturday, September 5, 2009

drunk love quilt

why oh why do i do this to myself :) ??????
With all the excitement of having a brand new home, I decided that I want it filled with gorgeous things. And gorgeous to me mostly means all things handmade... I originally had all intentions of reacovering our old lounge but tim quickly stopped that little insanity... and so I decided to make us a new quilt. Ihe thing is, I am not that great at it ( Ive made 4 in my life that were acutally surprisingly really lovely, but the last big one I made is rather crap) and I hate the actual "putting the whole thing together" part, but I found some great fabric and its actually underway! Dont know if it will be ready before we move but here is whats been done so far....

The style is called "drunk love in a log cabin". it takes the original " log cabin" idea and is cut wonky to give the quilt a funky look... its not that hard, although my first panel is not just drunk its absolutely sloshed :) The trick is: less is best: dont cut too much off the corners and it still has the same effect.
Have three weeks ( give or take a week) hmmm... might just go do another panel.. tim's just told me we are going a King size bed not a queen :)

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