Monday, September 21, 2009

moon sand

Wow, I did too much today.. brain is fried but kids are happy :) Guess it was worth it :)
This morning started way too early again (thanks Amahli at 5am) and I was off at 6am for a walk with my littlest Miss.Yes it sounds like a very motivated mum, but ha no, its not. She starts off chatting to herself like a little parrot but quickly escalates into a full blown squarking seagull if I dont go get her up and seeing as no one else is awake before 7.30am (Jared now sleeps until 8 at least) I have to get her out of the house. Admittedly its a lovely time to walk once I get going.. theres always a few people around and I walk past the house almost ready for us so its a nice stroll, but its so early that it kills me later in the day. Going to start the hard core sleep training tonight as I really need to have some decent sleep now! Will let you know how that goes....

Today was a very busy day. Jumeirah had heaps of plans and so after a quick breakfast/load in washing machine/fly with the vacuum/ blitz the kitchen we were ready.

At the shops yesterday she found a toy called "Moonsand". Basically looks like sand and water that you can mould with things so I thought I would see if I could make some ourselves. Found a recipe that looked fairly easy and so we got to work:

1 1/2 cups of water
3 cups of cornflour
6 cups of sand

mix the water and cornflour first to a smooth consistency, you can add food colouring here if you like

( this is where Jared left us as he could see where this was going)

add sand slowly and stir until all blended together

Jumeirah had a ball with this stuff ( as did her mother!) Its kind of smooth and easy to work with, similar to goop but not quite as runny.

What started off as a key ingredient for cooking quickly became quick sand for some animals and a poor fairy who wasnt happy about losing her legs.

It needs to be stored in an airtight container when its finished with and can be played with again (need to add water to get it back to a nice state).
We accidentally left ours outside and it dried to the consistency of concrete, but once water was added it was ok.

Next adventure was a walk through the Shrek Forest to the park. Amahli has been horribly not herself lately ( I'm blaming teeth) so we decided that she might forget her troubles outdoors. I dont take them walking to the park that often.. it always seems like such an effort and its sometimes just easier to be at home. But today I realised that walking and being there was good for all of us. The park was perfect and empty so they had a great time... Jared on the flying fox, Jumeirah climbing ( her favourite thing to do) and Amahli created bark rain for herself which amused me no end. Leaving wasnt as happy but with promises of a return trip this week all was good.

This afternoon, Jared wanted to do face painting.. just not on himself. So I painted Jumeirah as a Zebra to his( and her) delight.

And finally, on this very busy day, we made cupcakes. Jared and Jumeirah absolutely love doing this together, she reads the instructions, he helps by "tasting" everything to see if its ok :)

Nothing like starting the week off with bang... :)

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