Saturday, September 12, 2009

stack and slash tutorial

How I love Saturday.... its one of the busiest days of the week but its that "family' kinda busy I love :) Jumeirah and head off to the fete ( the other thing I love, having 5 seconds without my littlest Koala attached to me) then to ballet...

This afternoon was a beach arvo. Spring is the most awesome time for the beach... its not as hot and you can spend hours exploring.... bliss :)

anyway, last night I needed a change of scene ( craft scene that is) so I started Jareds quilt.

Its a pretty simple quilt design called a "stack and slash". It looks really cool when its finished :)

What you'll need:

8 fat quarter pieces of fabric ( you can either have 8 different fabrics or do what I did and two of each)

scissors or a rotary cutter


How to do it:

lay the fat quarters in a pile, making sure you get them to line up as even as possible

trim the squares so they are all exactly matching

time to make the first "slash", put the ruler on the fabric at a slight angle (see photo) and cut all layers of fabric

take the right hand side piece on the top layer and put it on the bottom of the pile on the right hand side

pin the left side to the right side

stitch the top layer left and right side together

stitch each layer together, pinning each layer together first

make sure you keep the layers in the same order as you started ( you may want to pin a piece of paper to each left hand corner with the numbers 1-8 so you can keep the order)

iron each completed square with the seam flat

time for second "slash"

cut the second cut at an angle with the angle wider at the bottom

put the right hand side piece on the bottom of the pile

pin each piece and stitch together

stitch the layers together again

iron toward the first seam

third slash

repeat process


part two tomorrow :)

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