Tuesday, September 15, 2009

easy button snakes

Dont they say " pride comes before a fall"???

After such a great day yesterday with my perfectly happy, content kids, today I have to deal with the baby from the unknown planet crapiton. My goodness, how one small child can totally reduce you to a bubbling mess in less than half a day is really quite an achievement for someone so young. But we plodded on, scrambling to save and restore some of the day.. until Jared created a sensation in the bath that required me to go "fishing"... *sigh*

They are all in bed.. for now... heres a few things from yesterday and today...

Due to sheer exhaustion last night, I didnt get crafty like I planned, but thought I would just have a short internet browse before going to bed early. BIG MISTAKE :) but an awesome mistake. By 10pm I had a head full of inspiration and ideas and felt like I had heaps of cool things to create for my kids. While Jumeirah is at preschool on Tuesday, I wanted to find something for Jared to do.

Thus 11pm found me cutting copious amounts of felt squares to do an activity called a " button snake". I found it at the toby show.

How to make it:

get a length of ribbon
stitch a button onto the end of it
cut lots of squares of felt and snip a slit in the middle of it ( matching the size of your button)
stitch one square of felt to the other end of the ribbon securely so they dont all fall off!

Jared was semi interested in this activity ( dont think hes that well today), more so when Jumeirah got home and got stuck straight into it. It was a great activity for so many reasons: fine motor, hand eye co ordination, colour labeling, plus it was really relaxing :)

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