Thursday, September 10, 2009

little birds

This little idea came from seeing something on the net ( oh the wonders you will find!) and I wanted to make it for my sister in law and a friend for birthdays... homemade things are such fun pressies to give :)

They were fairly easy to make and all hand sewn so great for doing in front of the tv.

stuff you need:

cream felt
scraps of material ( I used two different fabrics just to have a bit of contrast)


needle and tread


how to do it:

I drew a really simple pattern of a bird of a piece of cardboard ( drawing the pattern on cardboard will make it last longer for lots of tracing)

( see the photo for the shape of a bird, I cant find the photo)

trace the pattern onto cream felt twice for each bird

cut a small "c" ( see picture) from the fabric for the beak

cut 2 medium size shapes in the fabric for the wings ( one on each side)

the tail shape is a bit hard to describe, but fold a rectangle of fabric in half to form a shape shape. dont cut on the fold, cut a simple small "hand" shape.

stitch with blanket stitch a wing on each side of the cream fabric

stitch two sides of the cream fabric together using a simple blanket stitch or straight stitch... i used straight stitch, all the way around. when you get to the tail end of the bird, pinch the hand shape fabric and insert it between the two layers. do the same when you get to the beak. Leaving a small gap at the end, stuff the bird with stuffing and sew close.


insert skewer into underneath and wiggle into the wadding

you'll probably need to make about 6-8 to fill a small vase.

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