Friday, September 25, 2009

blog addict :)

Oh crap.. again its nearly 11pm and I am still on this thing.. totally addicted to other peoples blogs. They are part of the reason I started this one myself. Partly to show my kids what fun we had when they were little and at home,partly to prove to them I am jsut as cool as dad, partly to show that I do exist in my little world of me and the three... but mostly because I am so inspired to blog by so many awesome mums! And yes mostly they make feel totally inadequate, my house isnt as clean ( ha mine doesnt even come close), my baking is limited to packet mixes, and some days craft is simply a heap of paint and collage cos I cant be bothered and no one really wants to do cool stuff anyway... then I read these amazing stories and fell like I have jipped my kids once again and get back into doing stuff ... then tonight I find these two blogs her bad mother, and just like the number, and realise all mums have shocking days, messy houses at times, kids who are possessed creatures from other planets...and really, its all pefectly NORMAL. So while I am in love with my Soulemama, mother perfection/ amazing seamstress/ homeschooler and culinary extrodinaire with 4 ( yup 4) perfect kids, I must remember that I am doing a great job too.. most of the time :) And my kids will love me even if I'm not :)

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