Monday, September 28, 2009

Day two craft without the craft cupboard/ finding things for craft in the pantry

Do you like the Scotty Dog I found in my chips?? How cute is he? Was going to save him to take some funny photos, but I ate him.


Day two craft without the craft cupboard.....the challenge today is finding things to craft with from the pantry... But first, something I made a little earlier...

Monday, Always the most full on day of the week. But I came prepared :)
Last night I made Plaster Molds.

One of the most fun cheap easy activities for ages 2- ?? ( I had 10 year olds loving it at Jumeirahs birthday last year) and something that you can pull out on a rainy day, or in my case, a monday :)
I have bought over the years 5 molds. I originally bought two for Jumeirahs beach party as I wanted an activity for the kids to do. I took some small containers of paint and some brushes and they spent ages doing it. Also made for a great thing to take home.
Two of the molds were from Ebay, ( thomas the tank engine and the cupcake) and the others were from Big W. All are relatively cheap ( the thomas one cost about $5 and the Big W ones are about $4-10 each, they have an awesome dinosaur one Iwant at the moment for about $15 but it has 6 molds in it!) (BARGAIN!) The best molds I have found are the latex ones as they bend really easily so its easier to get the plaster out when its dry. the flower and the butterfly are mini cake molds. The thomas one tends to break if its not quite dry enough ( yup I am way too impatient!)
Plaster I got from spotlight, although its not hard to find. Ebay does plaster or probably even Bunnings.

I make them up the night before and they are ready in the morning. This morning we used food colouring from the pantry which worked ok. It does work better with real paint as food colouring tends to be absorbed but it still was not too bad. My kids aboslutely love doing these. I have made them every couple of months for the last two years ( and a whole set I made for a wet week at preschool) and the molds still work perfectly.

I am nearly up for getting some new molds... hmmm will wait until we move :)
if you really want a set of molds made up ready to paint, let me know. Im sure I can work something out ;) )

Next up was collage, which we had found in the bottom of a random cupboard but needed to make glue from something in the pantry. Cornflour. Now cornflour glue is an art. Its taken me 15 years to perfect it and still I have days when it just wont work. But its fun to make and can be used for glue, fingerpaint or paint with brushes.

How to do it:

Put about half a cup of cornflour in a mixing bowl ( boil the kettle, nope its not a tea break, you'll need boiling water)

Add a small amount cold water, just enough to make the cornflour slightly runny to stir.
Then slowly adding a little bit of boiling water stir stir stir.... continue to add boiling water until the cornflour "turns" it should turn to what looks like mashed potato. If you've added a kettle full of boiling water and nothing as happened, chuck it out and start again :)

We added food colouring to ours for effect.

And what do you do when you little bundles of loving energy are zinging off the walls and you cant go outside cos its getting cold and you've hit Spastic O'clock with a massive bang?? Why DANCE!! And for added fun, I gave them Amahli's scarves to dance with. Dancing with ribbons or scarves tends to make dancing time less "lets run around until we smash heads" and more liturgical and interpretative :)

Dont ya love Amahli's russian dancing??)

Try it! Its very fun. Just make sure you shut the curtains :)

If anyone needs a more comprehensive guide to Cornflour glue, let me know.

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