Wednesday, September 16, 2009

icky sticky stinky spice pictures!

And so today started off as most days do...

Amahli getting creative on the fridge ( how is this child growing up so fast??), Jared and Jumeirah trying to get her to have a crawling race, Amahli pushing around the furniture and sqwarking to get the others to copy.. crazy laughy loud fun :) I love when mornings are fun :)

My kids are not messy kids. They dont do finger painting, hands are washed as soon as sand is finished with, and they will both come and wipe paint on me instead of getting it on themselves... so unlike me cos I kinda like messy craft. So when I came at them today armed with glue and a grin they were dubious to say the least. I also had 5 glass containers of spices that I think went out of date about 6 years ago. But once we got started, I had them hooked. They great thing about this craft is the smell. Ok so maybe my mix of curry powder, parsley, paprika, cinnamon and rosemary wouldnt have tasted all that terrific but the smell was great.

How we did it:

I gave each of them a piece of paper and showed them the containers. We talked about the spices and smelt them. Jared tried to taste them but decided against it when smelling curry powder. they then spread glue all over the page, then sprinkled each spice on the glue.

Its a great fine motor activity as the curry powder was in a bowl so they had to pinch that one. They did about 4 each until the house smelt ummm strong. Jumeirah liked the colours of the paprika and rosemary so she did a fair bit with them.

Trouble is, now what do we do with them??? :)

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