Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Name Banners

I wanted to do something for Amahli's new room and saw a few ideas in my net roaming but settled on a name banner.

Its actually something I wanted to do for her birthday, to make a birthday banner which would then be put up for each persons birthday ( I saw this idea in Amanda's blog http://www.soulemama.com/, its brilliant, inspiring, and a very good read) which I will probably still do ( one day one day) but for now she can have her own special banner in her room :)

It was really easy to do:
Cut long rectangles to back each letter ( you really can make it whatever size you like.. the larger the letter, the longer and wider the rectangle). My rectangles are 25cm long and 15cm wide.

Find a font you like and print out the letters. ( I used one called "Aardvark Cafe" which I downloaded free off the internet)

Pin each letter to the chosen letter fabric and cut them out.

Sew each letter to the backing fabric rectangle, as I dont have a sewing machine that will blanket stitch ( grrrr) I did it by hand.

Fold rectangle so the right sides are together and on the inside. Sew around three sides of the rectangle, leaving the top side open ( obviously, so you can turn it out the right way!)

Turn out the right way :)

I stitched ribbon on the top to join all the letters together but you could use another strip of fabric if you wanted to.

Pin each letter to the ribbon so the ribbon is on the top of the fabric. sew letters to ribbon. i folded my ribbon over and stitched them to the back side too but you could leave it as is.

DONE! and how cute does it look :)

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