Friday, September 18, 2009

Fun Foto Friday

Ok so I changed Fairy Bread Friday this week to fun foto friday. Buts its really fine cos I got permission from the gang :)

Actually, we went for icecream this morning in exchange for fairy bread so all was good. Didnt take the camera to the icecream shop, but thats a mistake I wont make again! It was really quite funny watching three children attempt to eat a whole icecream, but two deciding half way through they were done, leaving their ever helpful mum to assist them. YUM :)

I got inspired from Color me Katie to do some fun photos..her blog is such a good read and photography is amazing so I thought I would have a go they turned out not too bad! I dont have the most willing models but we had fun :)

I dont tell my kids enough how wonderful I think they are. Oh dont get me wrong, they are told at least once a day Im sure. They probably dont even hear it half of the time :) But really, there are so many times I look at them busy with play, or laughing or exploring and they take my breath away with just how awesome they really are.

So when we got home, I had already set up an activity for them to do, which I somehow did during the breakfast madness.... ah yes I am the queen of multi tasking!

Anyway, when we got home, Jumeirah and Jared found a piece of paper and red watercolour paint on the table with an instruction to " paint me".

This revealed a secret clue and the mission was on.

Each clue had to be revealed by painting on the page. ( This is SO EASY, done with a candle. Only thing is, you cant see what you've written so you have to concentrate or you'll miss letters like I kept doing)
Finally we got to the final clue, a special message, and one very tasty " rainbow".

Less than a minute later: " Quick Mum, lets do that again!" Success :)

What do you do to show your kids how great they are?


  1. Those pictures are INCREDIBLE!!! Along with getting you to run a craft day... I think you should do a photo session.... :) LOVE your stuff!

  2. done :) will book you in for a beach photo shoot?? you can be my practise family :)