Thursday, September 3, 2009

Books books and more books

Wow so finally I have entered the world of blogging :) More for myself as a diary of the things I get up to with my kids, but also to share the craft and fun we do each day. Usually posted on Facebook, I thought this way would look better and be easier to follow.. I have been following a blog myself for quite sometime now.. if you want inspiration, ideas, and more crafty stuff than you'll have time for, check her out: Amanda and her family have the most wonderful adventures and I have almost read an entire 3 years worth of her blog. DEFINITELY worth having a look :)

Funnily enough though, this week I have been totally uninspired and lack the crafty brain that usually drives me nuts through most of the night ( I swear sometimes I should sleep with the laptop, I am so over waking up with ideas written all up my arms!).

So I asked the kids what they wanted to do this week as i began to set up on monday morning.

"A shop!" says Jumeirah. "Thomas!" yells jared. ( totally not into my crafty adventures, Jared would watch Thomas all day every day).

And so we tried to work out what sort of shop we wanted. I set up the beach tent (I love creating "spaces" for my kids, setting things up so it looks different and inviting... too many years preschool teaching I'd say!) and put the bean bags inside, Jumeirah grabbed some books and we ended up with a book shop/library. I was amazed that all three kids have spent most of the week wanting to set this up each day. With spring just arriving and the days calm and warm, this has been just the kinda week I needed..

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