Monday, September 7, 2009

Bubbles bubbles bubbles

All weekend my kids have been obsessing with bubbles.. we have the greatest bubble machine which has taken permanent residency outside since the middle of last week. Its great, all the joy of bubbles, none of the effort to blow them! Suits me just fine thanks :) Until I bought a new bottle of the best bubble mixture EVER. Now we have competitions who can cover more of the BBQ in the slimy stuff :) ( its ok, we are getting a new one)

I thought I would actually turn to bubble fetish into an art experience.

WARNING: this is not for non messy people :) ( or anyone who wants to go out later in the day.. you'll see why)

I added food colouring to the bubble mix and stuck big pieces of white cardboard to the fence. I gave the container to Jared who looked at it, saw it was blue, and said " no mum, yuck". Jumeirah was more keen and happily blew bubbles close to the page so they popped and left a great print. Our only trouble was the wind factor, which gave both Jumeirah and myself a lovely case of blue chicken pox ( why people felt the need to tell me i have blue dots on my face at Coles later i dont know) ( at least it wasnt red!) but it was great fun to do. Going to use the finish products to make an under the sea picture later in the week.

The rest of the day we made the most beautiful playdough (using no colour and heaps of glitter),
and formed a band which loud but fun, made the neighbours come out and see what we were doing but they were kind and deaf enough to say they loved it.

Such a great day :)

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