Sunday, November 1, 2009

very cute easy girls dress

I have two large problems.. ( oh alright, I have a few but these two are biggies at the moment ;) )

I absolutely love fabric. I love colour. I love patterns. I am forever looking for great finds in spotlight to make things. I have plenty of ideas, visions of lovely handmade clothes for my kids and myself that would leave people saying "Wow! Where did you get that?", leaving me to humbly reply " actually I made it myself".... BUT.....connected to this very addictive passion comes my next large problem. I REALLY CANT SEW. I struggle with sticking to a pattern. I cant even cut on a straight line. I failed High School Home Economics for stitching my finger to my pillowcase ( yup straight through the nail). But I do love to try!! :)
I wanted to make Amahli a dress that would match ( in opposite colours) the skirt the fairies made for Jumeirah last week. ( this pattern even I cant stuff up, its awesome and quick!) It had to be simple. It had to be quick. I found this one from Oliver + S.

Its got really clear instructions, and I printed it on paper which is much easier to use that that crappy thin fluff you normally have to work with when buying a pattern. AND its FREE :)
And so I cut it out, no problems so far. Began to stitch. Semi followed instructions ( yes well i did pin the yoke on the wrong side but it still worked pretty ok).Stitching is relatively straight, mostly :)

THe whole dress took me about 40 minutes which is perfect for me :) And its pretty good actually!

Until I tried it on my model this morning. And unfortunately for me, the pattern is so fantastic that a size 2 dress pattern really should be for someone aged 2, not 11 months. So it swims on her.

Jumeirah very happily tried it on though, ( skinny little thing it fitted her well, just a bit short as shes pretty tall).

But all in all, this is a fantastic pattern, easy to use, quick and achievable.

Even for the "special" sewers... like me :)

Give it a go!

( I have also found some awesome easy looking skirts for me, so maybe, just maybe, I'll have something else to show you soon!)

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