Wednesday, November 4, 2009

beach in a box


For todays adventure, I needed to think outside the box.. actually make that inside the box ;)

I wanted to find an activity that I could set up ( probably more for Jared as he has the greatest aversion to crafty/messy/painty stuff) for the kids that they would enjoy seperately but also working together, something I could build on, change through the week, and of course, something FUN! And so I trawled the Net last night and came upon the most awesome website called Pink and Green Mama with some fantastic ideas for " in a box" activities.
I LOVE every single one of her ideas for this type of play.( check out construction in a box and ocean in a box)I CANT WAIT to do the coloured rice but thought I would start with something simple with things I had around the house. And so we created a "beach in a box".

This type of play not only is fun, but its also great for social skills, turn taking, and imaginative play. These three had a great time. Jared and Jumeirah had different voices for each of the people at the beach, Amahli just splashed in the water.

I couldnt get close enough to hear what happened, but there was also an elaborate accident for poor Snow White.

We spent most of the morning in the box :)

The princesses collected shells

Sunbaking.. these princesses do not understand the Australian sun and had to be warned, and almost drownes in suncream. Poor girls never saw it coming.

Amahli loved her water again too.

I coloured it today with Blue and Yellow food colouring and she had a wonderful time running her fingers through the water whilst I poured it from the watering can. Jared had a ball working on his blokey skills and hammering the life out of the pegs for the shade cloth.

And just to prove that I am STILL infected with the sewing bug, AND that I really am as crap as I said I was, heres some proof.

I found a pattern for easy girls shorts (cant find shorts pattern ANYWHERE on the net.. may have to resort to getting one of the horrible and hard ones from spotlight. *sigh*) that just said to trace a favourite pair of shorts folded in half, cut on the fold, sew up the crotch, sew the two sides, do a hem nad waistband and BINGO!! You have shorts.... hmmm maybe not.

First pair looks so cute BUT i didnt stretch out the elastic waist so they are super skinny... so amahli can have them. Except they are really long. And now I am moving on from them cos they are annoying me.

Second pair... goodness only knows what happened here....

Third pair worked well!

Only now she doesnt like them.

Maybe I will just go buy some :) But really, wheres the fun in that?!?!

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