Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tooth fairy bags

Oh we have had some huge excitement here!! Jumeirah has lost her first tooth!
Mind you it did happen at preschool so I was a bit disspointed after waiting for it to happen for a week! ( I have told her that all major milestones are to be done within a 10 metre radius of me in the future thankyou!!) Boy was she excited :)

This is the conversation of last week

J: "Mum the tooth fairy isnt really real is it."

Me: "(torn between keeping a little bit of magic or teaching her that you cant really sell body parts for money) "of course she's real! And you know what else? She will give you some money for your tooth"

J: "REALLY???"

Me: "YES!"

J: "WOW! I am going to buy that last princess doll with my tooth money!"

Me: " Oh its normally only one coin"

J: "What?? Only one coin?"

Hmmm... methinks its time to talk about being in a hard economic times....tooth fairy is trying to struggle on with rising flight path prices, landing fees, the rising cost of fairy dust....

The tooth fell out yesterday and she came bounding home, of course needing something "special" to put it in for the tooth fairy.
And so we found a gorgeous pattern for a Tooth Fairy Bag and I set to work. It had to purple as we assumed thats the colour she would wear. ( "Even if she wore pink it would be ok cos they go together")

I was then instructed to let fairy headquarters know of the occasion and then needed to reassure that of course I had changed our address with them when we moved (!).
We then celebrated with fairy bread :)

And, earlier than normal, she asked to go to bed, fairy bag safely under her pillow.
And guess what??? through the night, not only did the tooth fairy come and take her tooth ( and almost forgot that she left it on the bench in the kitchen, silly fairy had to get up at 4am cos she'd remembered about it) but she also had time to whip up this gorgeous skirt ( using my GOOD scissors I might add) from a pattern she must have found at Grace Violet!!

That tooth fairy was sure popular this morning and I had one happy, gappy girl :)

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