Monday, November 16, 2009

the joys of dough

This morning I had three very eager bees, ready for SOMETHING. Trouble was, all three were interested in totally different things. Hmmm how to split myself.....

Jumeirah started off with the 4 different colours of playdough I made ( yes making one is just a tad boring now... good one, self) and the challenge of making "Bikini Bottom".
(For those of you now worried at what I am teaching my children, Bikini Bottom is the wonderful home of Spongebob Squarepants. Now dont you feel more relieved?? ;) )

And so I left one happy child humming "oh, who lives in a pineapple under the sea?", and set to work on the others.

Amahli was trying to maim herself whilst screeching in the cupboard in a vain attempt to help herself to the button collection. A deep breath, oh what the heck, ok go for it :) Its something that makes the hugest mess ever but she loves it and seems to get so much out of transfering the buttons into smaller containers. Today I gave her a spoon and some small jelly cups. And she was blissed :)

Jared was keen on some playdough too but wanted to sit at the dinner table with a plate, knife and fork. He set to work making "sausages" and then cut them into small pieces with knife and fork. Seems my little guy has been practising! I was well impressed at how well he handled these. Playdough was a great way for him to continue his "self help" skills as it doesnt run away like peas do, it doesnt go cold waiting for the miracle " I finally got it!" stab, and he can cut it up as many times as he likes cos he can just roll it up and start again! ( he tried this with some pear recently but it turned to mush and thus ended the fun).

And this is how we played today, all set on our own fun, in our own little worlds. And it was such a happy little land :)

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