Monday, November 30, 2009

christmas part 2/ fairy madness

Not to self... when the needle is bent, stitches it does not sew.

Its been total action stations here this weekend bordering on madness as I try and race myself to complete all the things I stupidly committed myself to doing for Jumeirahs party. Luckily for my gang, pretty much all the madness is relatively confined to my head :)

Over the weekend I:

Made poor Rosalina 4 dresses none of which fit ( stupid sewing machine, I am sure its all your fault)

started on the plaster moulds for the party

started on the fairy skirts (AGAIN SEWING MACHINE YOU ARE CRAP)
(this was actually a really dumb project which seemed like such a good idea but has really taken its toll on me and my sensitive dewing skills)

Made Ribbon twirlers on elastic

Took two hyped children to a 3d movie ( ok this part was fun except we got there an hour too early so we HAD to go for ice cream whilst I tried not to think about what I could have made in an extra hour at home)

Turned Door handles into mushrooms ( fun and easy these ones!!)

Craziness I tell you... brain truly frazzled but I have enjoyed the challenge :)

Today though, I wanted to make christmas cards with whoever was interested for our christmas card swap.
Jumeirah was keen so we decided to marble them with shaving cream.
I absolutely love the effect that this type of craft produces.

You'll need:

a can of shaving cream ( shaving gel wont work)

a container large enough to fit the paper in ( or paper cut small enough to fit in)

a ruler ( or a strip of stiff cardboard)

food colouring

a stick,skewer, fork or something to be able to gently mix with

a spoon for smoothing out the cream

a towel ( this can be a messy activity so a towel is handy)

How to do it:

spray the shaving cream into the container and fill till the bottom is well covered.
We spread ours out to make it a smooth surface with a spoon.

place a few drops of food colouring in various spots in the shaving cream ( we used an eye dropper cos i have no control at pouring food colouring)

using a fork or skewer, gently run the ink through the cream. Dont mic it too much so you will get a great pattern

lay your paper on top and gently press down.

life up paper and place on the table

Using the ruler or cardboard, crape off excess shaving cream. ( I hold the ruler upright and run it along the paper to the end) ( excess cream can be put back into the container)

how cool does it look!

You can do it again without adding more colour, just run the skewer back through it again for more pattern.
You can also add more than one colour for more effect. We will cut ours into christmas trees tomorrow.

Simple, effective marbling.

Plus your paper will smell nice too :)

What a bonus.

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