Saturday, October 31, 2009

pastels and paint

Simple Saturday

I love Saturdays.. Daddy is at home so I dont get much of a look in with any of my three kids :) Crafty things are fairly simple on Saturday as mostly they are happy to trail behind him like a little row of ducks.. noisy, giggly ducks.
This morning though, daddy decides to go for a run, leaving little ducks screaming at the front door. One goes to bed, one (who still isnt that well) finds a stack of books, his pillow, blanks and "honey" (dummy) and flakes out on the lounge, the last asks for some black paint and crayons. I get out the pastels and ask her what she has planned for the black paint. But I am told to "just watch" and so I decide to trust this little creative sod and join her.
I am told to cover the piece of paper in pastel colouring in. This in itself is very therapeutic. I am quite possibly the worst drawer ever so to colour without a plan is perfect for me :) I LOVE colour, and these pastels are so awesome to colour with as they are smooth on the paper and bright on the eye.

Once completely covered in colour, she begins to paint over the page with black paint. I do the same. Once the whole page is covered in black paint, she gets two skewers and we begin to draw in the black paint. ( We actually did this craft ages ago, but I was surprised she remembered it. Last time we had a craft disaster with the black paint, a sneezing fit, a not quite 2yr old, very pale new carpet in a very new rental... it really wasnt good or something I ever wanted to do again)

I wasnt happy with my picture (of course, the perfectionist in me really should just shut up) but Jumeirah told me this was ok, and repainted my page in black paint and WOW! brand new canvas to draw with :)

I love the results of these pictures. Hers with the swirls, mine with the fireworks.

" You did a very good job Mum. Not quite as good as me, but its a good job."

I love simple Saturday :)


  1. I love it! It's homemade Scratch Art paper. My 7 y/o loves the stuff, but it's not cheap and she goes right through it. She'd love the idea of making her own. Lovely!

  2. we cant even buy it here! I bought some from the states awhile ago... she loved that she could redo what she didnt like :)