Tuesday, November 24, 2009

outdoor fun/fairy glen!

take time to smell the roses... or eat the beans or just watch the tomatoes grow :)

I had the best day with my little ones today :) Jumeirah at preschool, the day without her is normally quieter, its a slower paced day. This morning after taking her to preschool, we came home, but Amahli to bed and set to work. Jared helped me clean the bathrooms ( something he actually really enjoys and something I should encourage him with more instead of waiting until hes busy to do it). He chats constantly while we work, loving the uninterupted chance to tell me everything he knows :)
After cleaning, instead of the normal craft stuff I do, I told him he could pick whatever he wanted to do (something else I should do more often). He chose to play soccer. Now I am not a soccery person, nor do I like the heat and would much prefer to sit in the shade. But it was his choice and so out we went.
And, my gosh did we have fun. This little guy is really just an awesome ball of energy and fun, loving every second of playing with me and having undivided attention. I tired faster than him and Amahli woke up so he brought her outside to continue playing. We came in after an hour, exhausted but absolutely blissed out :)

And check out out our veggie patch! Its just amazing to watch nature grow and see changes everyday after never growing anything in my entire life.

I have been just as stunned as Jumeirah was when she tried her first bean and exclaimed:

" MUM! It tastes like real bean!"


  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! The photos of Jared are AWESOME - maybe you're onto something? Give him a ball and he'll ham for the camera? Ya think?

  2. hehe maybe :) think he was just too blissed out to care i was snapping away at him with the camera :)