Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eric Carle inspired butterflies

Strangest thing on my clothesline.... this little baby sock keeps turning up in the wash. Every few weeks I seem to find it in here in amongst everything else. Its strange because my babe is now 1 and wouldnt have fitted this for over 10 months, but stranger still... its a boy sock so Amahli has never worn it. So it hasnt been used in over 2 1/2 years.... how it keeps turning up is a mystery! But it is a good reminder that my babes dont stay babes forever, my kids are growing up... Im trying to enjoy every minute, every stage, every day because they are all just the greatest little things I have ever been blessed with.

We found this awesome painting/cutting activity from Deep Space Sparkle and just had to try it.
Jared and Jumeirah made the paper last week, both fairly keen to help with this one strangely enough, but both let me draw in it with my fingers, they used forks and spoons to create patterns.

stuff you'll need:

Today we got the paper out and made some templates to trace for the wings and body. Jumeirah was really keen to trace and then cut. I was told not to chat as she was concentrating :)

Then we put them together on a page with glue.
I loved the result of these!

Unlucky for me, two special preschool teachers are getting them tomorrow with a note of love :)

I also tried to clean a pair of bean bags today with my little "helpers" who helped me empty the bags of beans into bathtub. I then went to wash the bags whilst they discovered how fun it is to play in polystyrene balls. Barbie enjoyed her spa treatment, Jared loved just running his hands through them.

And although we had them all over the place, it was so great to see him happy and playing again after being so sick. Unfortunately, this stuff is really hard to control so its a once off activity but it was still very fun! ( and it took mummy ages to pick it all up!)

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