Monday, November 23, 2009

fairy invites and mushroom printing tablecloths

(having immense trouble uploading photos today, its taken me just over 2 1/2 hours to get 4 up!) (will put some more up tomorrow)

We have had such a great (if not a bit too short) break for a few days with my family. Spending the days swimming, shell collecting and just hanging out was such a welcome change to the busyness of normal life.

But back into the swing of it today, I had to start preparing for Jumeirahs fairy party. After Amahli's beach party, we decided that the whole thing would be easier at home. But being at home instead of the beach means I need to have some things organised to do for these little fairies so they dont turn into crazy wild ferals and go mad on me :)
But first, to invites. I, for some reason I dont completely know, decided to make the invites. After all, there is only 8 to make. And so last night I painted fairies on cardstock as her invite. The picture in my head wasnt quite how it turned out but she loved it and helped me paint a few this morning.

With the list done, they are ready to go. Invites? DONE.

AS we are having a fairy themed party, we decided to make a tablecloth of printed mushrooms. This was really easy and has turned out so cute. To make it, we cut half a potato, and chiseled out small circles from the half potato. Dunk it in red paint and print away! The stalk is cut from a piece of potato too.

Tablecloth? DONE.

Jared didnt want to print or paint today, but he did want to sit up and be part of the action so instead, I stuck masking tape onto the bench and made him some roads for his cars. He thought this was fantastic and busily rushed around town collecting fairy things for us :)

Happy children? DONE :)

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