Thursday, November 5, 2009

banner take 2/ buttons for babes/lego

Another neighbour, this time found inside the house. I almost grabbed him to pass to Amahli in the bath, when I realised that the " toy" was breathing. Not good...

Oh, we have had another hard day today. My poor babe is in such pain... two huge front teeth trying to bust themselves through, a sore throat,an impressive sounding bark of a cough and shes trying to rip her ears off as well. Shes not really in a good way :(

And so, in order to NOT have her on my hip the whole day, I got out my button collection. Yes, I know, babes and buttons are not a good mix. But it was something that Jumeirah loved as a little one and I knew I would be watching her closely.. and so I gave her a sorting tray to put them into and let her loose with a whole box of buttons.

And she loved it :) For just a short time (about 15 minutes, long enough for me to sew yet another pair of shorts... please wear off strange addiction, I am growing weary of you) she was completely engrossed in picking handfuls of buttons out and dropping them into the sorting tray. Actually she came back a couple of times today to do this so I left them out. And she only tried to eat two of them :)

I did something different for Jared and Jumeirah today too. Instead of giving them the colossal amount of Lego to play with (which usually ends up embedded in my foot at 3am)I sorted out a really small amount and two small boards to play with at a table. It made for some more interesting play and encouraged them to create a small "scene" rather than just to make sure lego is in every single corner of the house.
Jumeirah was quick to begin and loved the challenge that limited bricks gave her and made this.

"A man diving off a high board"

Jared was happy putting pieces together to help Jumeirah and also taking all the mens heads off and making some strange statue. Its currently hiding somewhere in the house for me to find :)

The last thing I have been busy with tonight is to make another banner for Amahli as its her birthday TOMORROW! ( I had made one here before, but the colours were a bit insipid, and not once in her entire year of life could this child be described as "insipid") I love how this one has turned out... even if one of the letters is a bit stuffed ( I blame severe lack of sleep)

Day Off tomorrow as will be partying with my princesses and prince and celebrating my littlest blessing :)

What do you do to celebrate birthdays??

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