Saturday, November 7, 2009

fairy land/ smartie game

My Little "One" had a great birth day, even though she still isnt quite 100%. We still had lots of fun at home and had fun celebrating this wonderful little girl :)

Jumeirah decorated her cake.... " one for me, one for the cake" style.

Just goes to show that you can use spral oil when you run out of the real stuff :)

( I cant really cook either)

We played the Smartie Game, something I used to play at preschool for a special activity and it was very well loved :) Its a good game for encouraging turn taking, colour recognition and chocolate appreciation.

How to Play

Get a small plate and put out one of each colour of smartie. Ask the child ( if you have a group of children pick someone to go first) to close their eyes while you pick a colour. Point to the colour for the benefit of other children playing. Ask the child to open their eyes and guess which colour you chose. If they get it wrong, they get to eat it!!

Jared and Jumeirah loved this game and it took great patience for my two chocoholics to wait their turn but they played it really well.

This afternoon, as it is STILL raining ( three days and counting) I took good use of our under outdoor area to get my kids outside. I gave jumeirah a tub, some small beads, two fairy houses I made out of an old milk bottle and an juice bottle, some playdough, a few wooden trees and her princess dolls.
And we made this.

Ok it doesnt really look that appealing but they LOVED it. We have been really into play areas this week, especially with the beach in a box and yesterdays trucks in a box. And I would love to get some more props to go with it but they are really loving the simple style we are creating and have spent ages playing.

And thats really all that matters :)

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