Wednesday, November 18, 2009

christmas cards

Yesterdays beados creations

You know its going to be one of those days when your "h" key goes missing...

Busy day today.. not so much in a good way to start with. It was kind of a mad kind of busy.. We are going away for a few days to spend sometime with my folks ( who have flown in for my cousins wedding and will only be here for a few days :( ) and have our family Christmas. As my parents dont live in Australia we dont get to see them for christmas so we all get together some time around then. So my gang are so excited to see not only Ma and Pa, but uncles, an Aunty and a cousin! Its been awhile :)
They are also extremely excited as we stayed at the same place in february this year and they had a ball.

So today I tried to pack, wrap christmas presents, shop, clean and referee three children who we hell bent on annoying the life out of each other. I cant say
I was the nicest mother today, I got cross, cried, gave warnings and timeouts. But in amongst this craziness we made some grogeous easy christmas cards.

This is a really easy but really effective christmas that is virtually fail proof!
To do it you'll need:

Contact paper
white cardboard (I use scrapbook card stock)
Water colour ink ( I used Food colouring)

Cut the shape of a christmas tree (or anything other christmas shape) out of contact

Paint all over the card with watercolour

Allow to dry before peeling off the contact

Voila! a gorgeous card :)

You can do this craft with any age as it doesnt matter how messy it looks as you always have a nice shape in the middle when its finished.

When then worked together to wrap all the presents, Jared helped with the cutting ( everybodys present has some lovely fringing on it) and Jumeirah helped with wrapping and sticky tape.

And then, calm and peace seemed to reign for while this afternoon. Maybe present wrapping took it out of them :) But I found all three happily engrossed in their own little worlds... I sat and watched my littlest babe for about 40 minutes as she built, destroyed, giggled and then rebuilt her tower of blocks.

And although I have moments where I would like to hand in my resignation, moments like this make me realise how much I love my job :)

I will be away for a few days making me internet devoid.. but I will be back on Monday!

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