Tuesday, November 17, 2009

sea picture/ beados/ more shorts

"Mum, say Cheese!" for some reason this is the funniest game at the moment.. taking photos of the other one taking photos... :)

Jumeirah decided to make her own craft today, couldnt be bothered waiting for me to stop fluffing around ( in my own defense, I am trying to organise this gang for a short holiday, plus get ready for preschool, plus trying to breakfast 4 of us, and tidy the kitchen, 4 loads of washing... blahblahblah) so she got out of the cupboard some shells, some cut fish, and some glue. I gave her a lid of an old container as her canvas today.

She set to work creating a simple under the water picture, gluing shells around the esge and fish in te middle. She also went and got some grass to make seaweed. I love when kids do this: create themselves their own masterpieces without any prompting or assistance. I can just hand out a few materials and shes off :) Its a great, independent stage.

Jared got lucky today in the never ending shorts making addiction... I was actually pretty pleased with these ones. The material is quick dry so we will test them out at the beach this weekend. Will take him spares just in case :)

He and I had a lovely morning. We sat and chatted, took photos of each other, had a picnic morning tea with the tea set (he poured me a milkshake, he had a "coffee") and just generally hung out. I love this little guy and his constant affection :)

Yesterday, with the delivery of more coins from the tooth fairy, Jumeirah decided for the first time to spend some of her pocket money. And so we traipsed to Big W. She wanted something specific, BEADOS. Having been totally in love with Hama beads for years, I was a bit dubious about these beados things, seeing as the need a special which needs to be constantly refilled, plus I wasnt sure how water would them together. Nevertheless, she was totally determined to get them. So once I had two little ones in bed, we set to making something out of them. After losing more than 500 beads TWICE all over the floor trying to get the rotten things into the pen, I had had enough. But she hadnt, and she worked out a way that she could do it herself. And so she spent the best part of almost two hours work on these little projects.
I was so amazed at her for so many reasons... she stuck to something she had her heart set on, she worked out a way to achieve it, and she did it by herself.
Awesome little 4 year old you are :)

And they turned pretty good too! (Final products will have to be shown at a later stage as they got whipped away preschool this morning to show the well loved Amy) Not as good as Hama and they are alot more fragile but she loved doing it. Shes even put in an order for more for her birthday :)


  1. I absolutely adore the fabric! I don't know why, but I'm a sucker for things with crabs on them.

    Reading about your experience with "Beados" (they're called Pixos here in the States) had me laughing. My daughter was set on having some herself. Saved up her money and spent every last dime on a set. I can't tell you how many times we spilled those stinkin' beads all over the floor. She was not quite as determined as your daughter - she made a couple of things and the set has been gathering dust ever since. I will say I've gotten some fine use out of the sprayer that came with it, though. I use it everyday to spray water on my daughter's hair before I comb the tangles out. I guess we got a bit of our money's worth out of it!

  2. HA! arent they the most annoying things ever? I totally didnt have the patience for it :)
    I am debating whether to make myself some shorts the same! the material is soo cute!