Thursday, November 26, 2009

fimo fairies

Found one little boy this morning eyeing off the carrot tops.. With all the excitement over our beans and tomatoes, he was wondering what was going on with the carrots. You see, carrots are little surprises, you cant really see whats happening until you pull it out. So thats what he did. I havent laughed so hard in ages at the shocked look on his face at pulling out what I guess you would almost call a carrot. So tiny he couldnt even eat it. And so afte close inspection, he passed it onto Jumeirah who cradled like "a baby carrot" and replanted him back in his home. Hopefully he will not be too stressed to grow any bigger :)

Today was another fairy project today.. my aim is to have everything for Jumeirahs party done with time to spare because knowing me and my hilarious gift of things not working out the first time around, I dont want to be stressing the day before the big day! So today was cake decorations.
I asked Jumeirah what cake she wanted. A fairy cake I'm told. Shouldnt be too hard you wouldnt think. Except my cake skills are almost as wonderful as my sewing skills.... in the past I have made a snow white cake ( snow white kept trying to fall over in the oven. I ended up making 4 of them before the damn girl would stand up and fight for herself), a Wall-e cake ( this had my husband and I in absolute stitches, his body wasnt big enough for the rest of him... check him out below) and Jareds last cake was Thomas ( another fairly hilarious cake involving plastic surgery on Thomas' face, although he was more repairable and looked semi ok).

So I wanted to make in fairly simple and instead of making the whole cake into a fairy I thought I would make fairies to sit around the edge.
I found a great pattern at Polymer Central, and went off to buy some fimo.
The pattern was easy to follow, I just made our girls a bit bigger. Totally stuffed their faces up so they will be painted on tomorrow :)
They are really cute!

But the best part of all was their wings.

I made them from translucent fimo and they are absolutely gorgeous!
Thinking about making some christmas tea light holders from the same stuff.... another day :)

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