Friday, November 27, 2009

open ended toys/fimo

Jumeirah came out this morning to a row of little fairies that I made last night. The look on her face was priceless :) Yup today I am the best mum ever :)

After breakfast, she asked if she could have a go at making something from the left over Fimo. I got it out for her and she made this beautiful christmas tree. I was pretty impressed, and left her to it to make something else.

Half and hour later, I am called to find this.

The most gorgeous little fairy girl I have ever seen. I love her wildness, her awesome hair, free flowing skirt... I so should have let her make them all for me last night :)

Have I ever told you how I love all toys wooden and open ended?? By open ended I mean toys that can be used for a variety of different play, things you can add to, things that inspire imagination, creativity, things that have no set way to play with them. LOVE IT
This morning saw one happy boy as Ma gave him his christmas present from her ( yeah its early but she wont be here for christmas so she gave it to him now)
Its fantastic! A mat from Le Toy Van (its a castle mat, Jumeirah is getting the fairy one for her birthday) and a set of Melissa and Doug castle blocks.

I loved how Jared went straight into play with Jumeirah and built some great looking castles.

Jumeirah provided the voice overs for people who were in the castle. Jared copied her in the same voice. Amahli was dead set on being the enemy destroyer and crashed through as castles as fast as they could make them :) A happy, productive little gang. How I love toys like this.

And you know what the best part is???
The fairy mat Jumeirah is getting is currently 50% off! I just checked and its still on sale! Its absolutely gorgeous so check out Young Mind Toys.

To Jumeirahs I am adding a fairy figurine set, a painted set of mushrooms ( ha yes well I had better get onto that!) and a wooden rainbow.

The last exciting is that I finished Rosalinas hair tonight. I loosely tied a couple of strands to the back with a bow so the poor girl can see..All she needs now is some clothes.. yes of course the first dress is crap! Luckily I expected that :)

Well now I must fly ( ha yes well) and make some fairy wings..... lots of fairy wings......
Wont be blogging over the weekend but will post all things glittery and spectacular on Monday!
wishing you all a wonderful weekend :)

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