Sunday, November 8, 2009

menu planner

"Imagination is the highest kite one can fly" Lauren Bacall

I had to go to the shops last week.. just to get bread and milk. Oh,and some cheese... and while Im here I might as well find something for dinner.... and $140 later I am home and wondering just what the heck I bought and crap I forgot the milk.
Shopping for 5 is becoming increasing expensive and not only that, I am finding that by the end of the day, the most I can come up with for dinner is 2 minute noodles and even that is going to take me 2 minutes longer than I can be bothered to think about. And so I decided to give Menu Planning a go.

The idea is that I will plan for the month ( yep Im starting big!) each nights meals, thus eliminating the need to think about what to cook, and also (hopefully) stopping the random 'quick, I've got nothing for dinner" run at 5pm, and lastly it will hopefully mean that buying all the meat and things for the week I wont have the need to impulse buy. Sounds Good?? Well we will see how it goes. :)

On Friday night, I sat down and menu planned, dug out old recipes ( I am seriously s tuck in a cooking rutt where I pretty much cook the same meals in a weekly rotation.) and also went through the Coles website for recipes and ideas. I wanted to find some new things to try ( about once a week) and also wanted to find some things I can do especially for my husband as well ( yeah how good an I, I know). I actually got pretty excited as I watched the menu fill up with some great ideas. I printed it out onto some paper Jumeirah painted for me during the day and stuck it to the fridge.

Tonight it was great. I love the feeling of being super organsised. All day I knew I was making special fried rice. So when 4pm hit, I did the boiled rice and it was ready to go. Jumeirah and I had been to a party all afternoon so I was grateful to myself for not having to work it out when I got home. I totally didnt have to bother my already fried brain, which it will no doubt thank me for when it returns and realises what I did for it today.
I ordered meat online for Wiggly Tail butcher so hopefully that wont take too long to arrive and I am set! (I dod have backup for a few days if this fails)
Will let you know how this week pans out :) (PANS!haha! get it? Pans? Cook? oh man I must be tired)

Anybody got any easy meal ideas to share?? Maybe we can all make a combined Menu Planner together!

There was something else to get excited about today.... check out Fairy Glen.

ITS GROWING!! Unbelieveable really as I have never grown anything in my life except my hair. Jumeirah and I were so amazed that these little plants that we planted not that long ago are soom going to have flowers.
The fairies are going to love it :)

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