Saturday, November 14, 2009

busy brain day/ scrapping for kids/ car painting

Yesterday at rest time I actually took some time to sit for myself (its rare but I so needed it after the last two weeks!)and so I have Jumeirah some pipecleaners to construct something for me while I lay on the floor beside her. She made me this sleep fairy and "when I wave it around your head you will rest for a hundred years".
Sounds fine by me. But I will settle for 60 minutes :)

Well we have had a very big day in our corner of the world.. we finally got to celebrate Amahli's birthday today :) After having such sick kids for such a long time it was great to see them finally well, happy and running around at the beach :)

Unfortunately I completely forgot to Blog yesterday ( I KNOW! I can hardly believe it myself ;P) because I got so involved in the NEXT birthday surprise. For Jumeirahs 5th birthay ( about 3 weeks time) ( YIKES) I am making her a book of herself for her first 5 years. Its a massive project but one I am really enjoying as I go back over the copious amounts of photos we have taken. Its been a real eye opener to see how much the little girl has changed in such a short time. I have gotten tear at memories more than once but I know shes going to love her book. Will post it when its done :)

Yesterday we had a fairly productive day as all kids were feeling much better. Jared and Jumeirah both wanted to do car painting this morning, so I happily set that up for them. ( great paint activity for boys who arent so much into paint cos they really just play " cars" and and looks great!)

After the fun Jumeirah had making a card for a friend last week, I gave her a bigger project to do. In the school holidays we got a kit from a friend at "The Scrapping Bee" that was bits and pieces to make a scrap book page. I got this out and she got to work, working out where she wanted to glue the "bits" and then instead of a photo, she made a picture of herself and Amy at the park.

These are a great christmas gift for family or teachers and look really effective no matter how its set out. I let her do this on her own as her way is normally better than mine.

This a fairly easy activity to set up. You just need some scrapbook paper/card ( or normal cardboard will also work but its nice to have some patterned card as well) and some hole punches or you could just cut your own shapes out. We use a glue pen for less lumps and bumps but really any glue would be fine.

And while Jumeirah did this, Jared got the tongs out of the drawer and wanted to sort the buttons out after seeing it at preschool. Another fun way to strengthen finger muscles, work on hand eye coordination and it also use lots of patience.

I love busy brain days :)

Have you stumbled across some busy brain activities?? Let me know so I can do them too and give my own busy mushy brain a rest:)

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