Tuesday, November 3, 2009

my first painting/ water water water

our new neighbours :)

Flying Red ants, noisy crickets, mating Koalas, and its HOT... I can feel summer comin on :) I am not really a big fan of summer, I hate the heat BUT I have a brand new air conditioner just begging me to switch him on... soon my friend, soon :)

Been trawling the net today to find some new things to do, probably as I realise that Jared just really isnt into paint and mess. I have to remember that just because I love it doesnt mean he has to and I want to encourage him to explore just as much as the girls do in their crafty stuff. There are heaps of wonderful sites out there so stay tuned!!

Today though, he did humour me and do a painting which he called " a butterfly". I love that he is starting to actually paint specific things, that he can see things in his paintings.

Jareds Butterfly

Today was also Amahlis first finger painting. Oh my, how much fun did I have watching this little one. Firstly, I put a big blob of purple paint on the page. She spent ages trying to pick it up and move it to another spot.
Then rubbed her ear... then the table... I proceeded with the hot pink paint. ( game?..yes I was. Stupid? yes probably that too :) ) This she spread everywhere.

Soon I told her it was time to pack away. And she threw herself at me, paint and all. She hit the ground. Then the dog, the window, herself...luckily this stuff washes easily. But she had a ball and its something I will do more often with her. I found though, that being outside, I let her have more free reign as I wasnt worried about the carpet and such.


Dont be scared of the mess that little ones create in painting. Most paints are easily washed off both children and whatever they can hurl themselves at before you grab them :)

I also set Amahli up today with the water troughs I made (well actually grand dad the wood worker made them but I designed them and supervised) a few years ago for Jumeirah. Today I just put water and boats in it which she happily transfered back and forth between the tubs :) This little one is growing up too fast!


  1. I love, love, love the picture of Amahli's fit over the end of painting! We had one of those over here the other day, too, but I didn't think to capture it. I'm a bit jealous of your summer coming on as well. We had to cut our visit to the park short today because we were freezing.

  2. i caught it but wasnt going to post it.. but it was too funny not to :)