Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I love activities that increase a childs sense of worth. Jumeirah and I were talking and making up new words ( fantacular and specialiosis to name couple) that described her. So I suggested we do an Anagram of her name :)

We wrote down the page the letters in her name ( yes there are a lot!) and I asked her to think of a word that began with each letter.

"Jumpy!" she started which describes her completely. This child jumped before she walked, I kid you not! She is an incredibly bouncy child who would rather skip and hop than walk in the shops, is permanently attached to her trampoline and also loves to test bed springs :) Maybe there are springs in her blood, maybe THATS why her hair is so curly :)

We got stuck on "U" so we had to google words beginning with "U" and came up with "useful" .
"Its perfect for me cos I am so useful!"
And away we went, finding the most perfect words to describe this beautiful little person, who is just a few months will be leaving me and the everydayness to join the ranks of "big school". YIKES.
And as we worked our way through the letters, I loved watching her face light up as I helped to work out these words. "Marvellous, Excellent, Interesting, Rainbow girl" She was just beaming as I spelt them out and she wrote them. Most of them she worked out herself, I really only had to help with a few, but it was such a lovely time for both of us. Me, to encourage and cement that each word was exactly her, and Her, to realise what a wonderfully whole little package she is :)
"Amazing, Happy!" and we'd finished a lovely little Anagram all about Jumeirah.
"lets do a Jared one tomorrow!"
And we will. And I am going to frame her anagram so she will always remember just how great she is :)

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