Sunday, October 4, 2009

how to pack a house with three kids, 5 and under

oooh arent you lucky! I managed to sneak one in today :)

Packing packing packing.. so not very fun.. has to be done. And boy, did we pack some stuff today! But in the midst of packing, I still had three children, who really are not very keen to be helpers at packing ( amahli did help tim by emptying all the drawers of clothes, but then also "helped" me by unpacking all the clothes out of the box), and really needed some things to do. And with Nanna and grandad on holiday, we were all going to have to work together instead of shipping them out for the day. And so today, (whilst its probably not that interesting as far as crafty things go) I am writing the things you can do with kids whilst packing a house :)
Firstly, when Amahli and I went walking this morning, I found these huge gum nuts. We collected a few to do some painting with ( I did do some craft today see!).I set the paint into containers and cut up an old sponge for the bottom (makes the paint not so messy and if it tips none spills) and left them to print with them.

Jared wasnt that keen ( unusal I know) so he went and helped daddy take down the trampoline. He set to work with daddys tools and "helped" take the netting down. Jumeirah also came out to help and totally surprised us by being able to manipulate the wrench and completely take the bolt and screw out herself! Its one of those life skills that she will no doubt need one day ( if only to change my car tire :) ).

Next to packing clothes.... I have found in all this moving that kids actually really love to be given "adult" things to do. I gave Jumeirah a box and she set to throwing all her clothes into it. I dont care that they arent carefully folded, she did it herself and sang to herself the whole time :)..

We then went to our new house for afternoon tea for the FIRST TIME! Very exciting! Not only is it a brand new house, it has no furniture which makes for awesome running around! Quickly stopped that one:) So we played hide and seek fore awhile, then I got out the new Mobilo set I bought for them. I figured with all the craziness and us not having as much time, something new might keep them busy. Mobilo is one of the greatest toys ever made. Its a construction toy, and the pieces are easy to work with and strong. These will last a life time and beyond. We got ours from Toyworld but they are everywhere online. We already need a bigger set as this was popular even with daddy :) Its great for ages 2 and up ( although Amahli had a great time with the cars we made, it does contain smaller pieces so you have to watch the notorious toy eater)

It was a really good day, such fun to work as a whole family :)

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