Thursday, October 29, 2009

box castles

'Boys are meant for kisses and hugs, chasing rainbows and catching bugs'

A friend asked me for some help ( actually a little while ago but life got in the way... oopps) as she was about to embark on a weeks visit with a busy little gang of preschool boys... scary they are!! :)
Apparently they are very into all things BOXy. And so I did some research on the net ( such a wonderful treasure trove of EVERYTHING!) and found this fantastic Box Castle from Enchanted Learning.

Jumeirah was watching me find things too add to my box ideas but when she saw this one said " OH MUM! We have to do that!"
And so we did.
We got a box from our pile of moving boxes (yup they are still everywhere) and set to work. Once I had completely destroyed a good kitchen knife and had cut all the pieces out, she and Jared set to work painting it.

Now, I gently suggested that grey would be a good colour to start with and then they could decorate it but no, it had to be pink :)

And I tell you what, I am so impressed with the way this has turned out! It looks awesome. I think it helped that the cardboard box was really thick. Jumeirah got her princesses out and started playing with it as soon as it was dry. Amahli was also keen to play :)

Hopefully it will last a while..

Jared, once he'd finished painting ( something he CHOSE to do of his own volition!) found the most exciting treasure, a dead cicada. He then spent most of the afternoon talking to this wonderful big bug and taking him on tours around the yard.

I asked him: " Hey Jared, whats your friends name? Does he like our yard?"

He replied: " No Mum. He dead."

hmm I'll know better next time :)

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