Friday, October 23, 2009

paint bag writing/story map/ SPARKLERS

Took a couple of ideas from the Lets Explore website today.
First was the paint bag writing which was designed more for Jared but the girls absolutely loved it too. I acutally extended this activity to be a colour recognition and colour mixing experiment so it had everything going for it!
In Jareds bag we put blue and yellow paint and sealed the end with masking tape (avoids any surprise explosions!)
He wasnt keen to start with but once he realised he wasnt going to get messy he was very happily "drawing" with cotton buds. We mooshed all his paint until it made a new colour, GREEN! That too was pretty exciting :)
HE even used his hands to smooth the paint flat again.

Amahli was happy with just red paint in hers but kept trying to pull the tape of the ends :) Once she realised that wasnt going to happen, she too was happy to chew on one end of the cotton bud and draw with the other.

Jumeirah wanted red and white in her bag and we talked about what colour that would make.. actually I had her stumped for a bit! WE also put pink glitter paint in hers as well. Then sealed it, mooshed it and made PINK!
She kept coming back to this through the day to draw more pictures in her paint bag.

At rest time today, I did something just for her and me. (also from Lets Explore)
We read a story of her choice and then did the story map: talked about the characters, where the story took place, what her favourite part was. I really loved doing this as all three of my kids are book worms but this really gave us a chance to talk about what we'd read. She drew with pencils which was a bit hard to see but still turned out really well. Its a bit hard to see, but its the disco fish story. top drawing is of the fish, middle is of the strobe lights, bottom is the streamers. not the best story to pick but she enjoyed it anyway

And tonight, we and Sparklers. There is something deeply hypnotic about these fire sticks.. I remember cracker night and how we loved watching dad try to light them then bolt back to the house before they shot into the sky. For some reason, sparklers seemed to be breeding in my top drawer and were found on monday night and so I had promised that we would light some tonight. Jared wasnt keen, kept telling me "NO mum FIRE!" which I guess he had a good point seeing as I am teaching them NOT to touch hot things... but Jumeirah loved it.

Especially when daddy through it into the air....naughty daddy :)

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