Tuesday, October 13, 2009

planting a fairy glen

'A little bit of rain, a little bit of sun, when they come together they make rainbow fun'

yee hah!! Im finally reconnected :)
This last week has been crazy/fun/hard and BUSY. We are finally into our new home, and whilst things are still being finished ( fencing, grass, driveway sealing?!?!?) we are in are are settling into normal life. Kids are absolutely thrilled with their new backyard although its a bit hard to play as the grass needs some time to settle but we have been playing "construction sites" in the bark chips which provides limitless entertainment :)

The first thing Jumeirah was really keen to do in our new house was to build a "patch" for herself. The landscaper had talked to her about building her own veggie patch which she was keen on. So he constructed her a patch on the top of our retaining wall.... 7 METRES LONG!! So as well as having a veggie patch, we decided to create a "fairy glen". Its pretty simple, but its creates another space for her to develop those amazing imaginative skills, to learn about how things grow and how to looks after them and it gets her outside.

So off we went to bunnings where we picked a couple of different things; a little plant called a "thumbelina" (zinnia) and a beautiful little one called a Celossia.

She got right to work on returning home with panting and making holes for the plants to grow. Now my thumbs are so not green so I am really not sure how this will pan out but she had such fun working out where things would go :) Jared came and helped us water and made sure all plants were thoroughly drowned..sorry I mean watered.

We will also get some big rocks for our glen so the fairies can have a rest if they need to.. :)

To make your own fairy glen (or any plant type kids patch!) you could use some of your garden or if space is limited, buy a big pot. I was amazed at how much Jumeirah enjoyed going and choosing what colours she wanted and then working out where they would be planted, and also looking after them by daily watering them ( she is also talking to them, telling them the fairies will be here soon :) not totally sure if this step is required but it is lovely)

Get some good quality soil and choose a few plants. Talk about what will grow, how roots work, how water feeds them and helps them to grow. And then sit back and wait :)
We also had a lovely friend deliver us some carrots, beans, tomato, basil and parsley so we will be planting those too! hopefully with great results :)

Will keep you posted on our little patch!! Hopefully it will survive the "replantation" Amahli is now trying to do :)

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