Friday, October 30, 2009

zoo maps

What I walked in on this morning... " she needs to learn to bounce mum, I'm teaching her. Look she loves it!"

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden. ~Author Unknown

Oh sick kids are so not fun :(
My little guy is really not well, high temps, lethargic and miserable. Luckily for me, he has worked out that bed is really the best place to be (either that or tucked up snuggly watching spongebob squarepants) so hes been asleep for the best part of two days..hopefully back to his charming gorgeous self tomorrow :)

So we have had a quiet day here today. Jumeirah has spent some of every day this week drawing animals.

Its random, but its good! And yesterday, I found this activity of drawing zoo maps ( and now for the life of me I cant find the site I found it at,but dont worry I will!) and so I printed her off two zoos, Taronga Zoo in Sydney, and the Sandiego Zoo ( which she knows of from "Madagascar").

First we took our our trip around the zoos, stopping to look at the animals, talking about the differences between an Australian Zoo and an American Zoo. Then we set to work drawing our own zoo (actually she drew and asked me to go clean the kitchen.. hmmm and grrrr).

Its pretty good actually! She tends to draw really quickly (exactly like her daddy who does great cartoons and can play the most games of "Mr Squiggle") so sometimes it can be a bit messy for me but I am working hard at not correcting it :)
I asked her why I couldnt see it before, her response was " Cos I took dad and not you this time".

What is it about daddies???? :)
( sorry photos are a bit dark today.. cant access photo fixer so you'll have to put up with it :) )

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